The front of the BSW trains you how to use each tab of the workbook:

1. OVERVIEW: this first tab allows you space to perform a book overview, setting up context before verse-by-verse study
2. STUDY: after the overview you move on to the verse-by-verse study where you'll observe, deconstruct, and reconstruct the text
3. APPENDIX: at the back of the BSW is an appendix with helpful references such as the biblical meta-narrative, a list of genres, etc. 

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A systematic and transparent approach to studying God's word. It is not your average fill-in-the-blank Bible study. It invites you to become an independent student of the Word, critically thinking on your own, attentively reading, and discovering Jesus within the text. It's a road map to a deep dive but with freedom for pace, scribbling, and note-taking.  

We are all called to be students of the Word. 

Bible Study Workbook

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The BSW is 7x9.5 and 250 pages.
If you study one chapter every week it will last you an entire year.  It has 100# GSM paper that allows for pens and pencils.  The binding is flat-lay, which means it will lay perfectly flat while open. The cover material is hard linen to withstand rough handling.


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what people are saying

"The BSW is very detailed. You read the chapter you're studying 5-6 times, where in past studies I would read it once and answer a question. With the BSW you dig deep. "

"The BSW is a tool that will position you to study the Word in a more systematic and organic way. It will give you the depth and push you need to go deeper in the text which results in having deeper connection with the Lord."

sara r

"The BSW keeps me focused on what I am studying. If you're a bit like me and struggle with becoming overwhelmed very easily, the BSW will make study of His Word accessible, manageable and reliable. "

jess m

Become an independent student of God's Word

grow in grace and knowledge