A systematic and transparent approach to Bible study that invites you to become an independent student of the Word. 

For the individual and the church.

I'M so glad you're here!

In 2015 I had the desire to take what I had learned through traditional Bible studies and exercise the inductive study process as an independent student. I wanted to grow in my ability to ask questions of the passage and flex my critical thinking muscle. The moment I tasted the goodness of discovering a part of this divine story (Scripture) on my own, I became passionate about helping others discover it as all.

The Bible Study Workbook will challenge you in a world where we are spoon-fed information, opinions, and observations; and in return invite you into a deeper love for and relationship with the Lord through patient, systematic study. 

Be challenged to slow down, critically think, attentively read, and see Jesus within the Bible. 

Thanks for being here!

I'm Amy, here to come alongside you in your pursuit of biblical literacy


Become an independent student of God's Word

grow in grace and knowledge