A systematic and transparent approach to Bible study that invites you to become an independent student of the Word. 

For the individual and the church.

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I started showing up to Bible studies with the guided questions unanswered. I sat in the small group and opened a legal pad with scribbles and notes lacing the page. After several weeks, I noticed this trend and asked myself why? With reflection and prayer, I realized the guidance I desired wasn’t met with prompted questions anymore. I wanted guidance in tool form. Like wrenches and screwdrivers in a toolbelt, I wanted to know what Bible study tools I needed to question independently (and to answer independently).

I wanted to open the Bible with the challenge to discover truth unaided by a teacher. There’s a time when that’s necessary and good, to be sure, but initially I wanted the freedom to ask, connect, discover, and interpret as an independent Bible student.

Through seminary and my local church body the Lord provided the toolbelt. In 2015 I began to organize those tools in workbook form – a way to systemize and organize the process of inductive Bible study. A workbook for believers who want to dive deep, guided by the Spirit and Scripture to discover the beauty of the gospel.

The Bible Study Workbook will challenge you in a world where we are spoon-fed information, encouraging you to slow down, critically think, and meditate on Christ.

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I'm Amy, here to come alongside you in your pursuit of biblical literacy


Become an independent student of God's Word

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